Special News

Note: Please read to the bottom of this page at the beginning of the school year--2017 for important information ...
Special News .... 

I am sending the first Scholastic Book Order home today ... it is due Wednesday, Sept. 27th.  
You may order online or send the order form and a check made out to: Scholastic Book Orders
back to me.  Have fun shopping.  Reading is a huge part of first grade.  Encouraging excitement
and a love of reading is an important step.  Scholastic book orders help families do just that! 

Please join the REMIND app/site for my classroom.  This is one of my main means of communicating
with my parents in a timely manner throughout the school year.  It will allow me to send you a
text message if you have a phone to receive it, or an email message if preferred to avoid text charges. If
you'd like both, your account can be set up that way.  Please follow the directions posted below.  Or call me
at 998-0544 x9332 if you have questions.  

Upcoming Events: 

Important Classroom Homework Routines:
 Regular Friday Homework: Homework is sent home every Friday...Only the Share Sheet (printed on yellow) and sometimes MATH (printed on blue sheets) is returned on Mondays ...
However, ALL homework sent home needs to be practiced. Not an option as it is very important for first grade skill mastery!! :)

1. The student Share Sheet (yellow, parent-signed) Homework pages will come back on Monday.  

2. There's a yellow Vocabulary practice page in your Friday homework (printed on dark yellow/gold), too. It is to be cut into flashcards (or simply practiced from printed page)
 that are saved at home home (DO NOT RETURN TO SCHOOL) and practiced daily until your child is fluent in reading the words. (Reads as quickly and correctly
as an adult with expression when appropriate.)  You'll get a new sheet each week. Your
child can practice writing sentences and stories with those words as well. If they can easily read them, help your
student learn to Challenge THEMSELVES to write with them, etc

3. A Spelling Practice page is also in the HORSE Folder on Fridays. Keep at home to practice for test on Thursdays. 
Please write each word on the lines available.  If your child needs more practice in order to spell the words correctly,
you may use the back of the page as well.  One fun idea for repetitive writing is RAINBOW writing the word. 

 4. Math practice pages are sent home periodically. You may
see them in the Friday homework (then it is due back on Monday). You may also see math homework come
home mid-week.  Then it is due the next day. 
     Monthly Homework Calendar: Sent home at the beginning of each month. **Pick three items to do per week. Show your work (on the back of the homework page or on another sheet ... maybe even in the date boxes if room) and return the last school day of each month for lots of praise from your teacher :) and a special treat/surprise. :)

NEW in 2017!!!
More Fun First Grade Links to practice Math:
...and Language Arts:

**FYI FUN FIRST GRADE LEARNING INFORMATION FOR PARENTS: Here is a site for some fun math information 
for parents of elementary students--it's from Scholastic and you can go to the Parent Section to find lots of good information on 
all core subjects.

This Scholastic Reading Club website gives parents access to so much information ... try it: 

Note:  The above links are different ways to navigate to the same site.  Use the one that gets you
to chosen information the fastest.  There is soooo much to see--click and explore. :)

Janette Fletchall,
Aug 23, 2017, 5:17 PM