Spelling Words

Spelling Words: 
(Please ignore date listed at top of word page if not correct and use the one above :))
Unit 5 Week 1 ... Due March 5.  Homework vacation March 12th--Spelling Test for Week 1 Thurs., Mar. 15th.

Spelling Words to practice and KEEP at home!!  are printed on PINK PAPER with lines to write words multiple times on ... make
sure your student is using first grade printing with lowercase letters!!  Only use capital letters when appropriate--your student
should copy the words EXACTLY!!! :)

NOTE: The ONLY spelling test will be given Thursday afternoons of most weeks.  ***We will not be
counting reversals (backward letters) and incorrect capitalization as WRONG right now.  By the 3rd Quarter (after Christmas)
they will be!! so kids need to be learning/practicing the correct letter formation now ...
PLUS:  We will eventually be writing sentences using spelling words we've 
already learned how to spell. We need to remember how to spell those words ALWAYS once we've
learned them!!  So keep the spelling lists in a binder or folder and bring them 
out to practice often. 

First Graders love to practice their words using Spelling City.  Click here to practice this week's words.
Note: Go to my name: Janette Fletchall and click.  Find U1W1 and practice those words.
Please DO NOT go ahead to other units or weeks even if your child is a speedster at learning. Thanks much. ;)

Below will be an attachment for homework formatted to use to practice our weekly spelling list . . . if you lose the one sent home in
the Friday Folder, you may print it from the attachment below.