Vocabulary Words

Return to School-->Share Sheet Homework is Due on Mondays 
(Please disregard date at top of Vocabulary page displayed below...use dates printed above)
Homework "vacation" ... Monday, March 12th. Keep practicing these words. :)

      Share Sheet                                  Vocabulary Words

   Kindergarten Sight Words--Kids should come to 1st grade knowing how to read these.  Practice the 
Yellow flash card sheet sent home Friday until they can read them easily and consistently ...
      -->Today, in Friday's HORSE Folder, each student received yellow sheet of new Unit Vocabulary words (Kindergarten Sight Words) to cut out and practice.  This will be routine homework each Friday for the rest of the year. *If you prefer to practice on the whole sheet without cutting them--feel free.  Do what works for you and your student!  Keep these words in an year-long First Grade"Education Spot" (a folder, shoe box, etc.) organized by week to practice throughout the school year.  Students should be able to read these words "like an adult" . . . and remember them after their assigned week!!! The folder/box you begin collecting them in will soon be holding the new
first grade words. :)

NOTE:  "SHARE SHEETS" are DIFFERENT (also printed on yellow) and ARE to do and RETURN TO CLASS signed by a parent!! They include 
spelling words to practice, high frequency words to know, skills to master ...
 Both the Vocabulary Words and Share Sheets are posted above once we get going on our first grade homework routine.

STUDY IDEAS: Increase the difficulty and/or learn words in a different way by using them to: 
1.) write sentences and stories 2.) Make a journal of writings in a notebook,etc.